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We’re a unique, client-first firm that specializes in helping brands optimize online and offline sales. Digital Sales (Direct, Amazon, etc) don’t exist in a vaccum. They have a direct impact on your core business. We get that and we know how to strike the right balance. We’re hands-on experts who know B2B and B2C sales channels and know how digital can drive more revenue across every channel.  

8042018063?profile=RESIZE_400x Tired of hearing that the 2020 holiday season is “unprecedented,” “uncharted” and “uncertain”? We are too. The new reality of selling is here — and many businesses are playing catchup. We know there’s a shift to customer engagement through digital channels, but few have had bandwidth to improve their performance in that area. Rather, the majority of B2B and B2C businesses are just happy to see any growth at all.

That’s a mistake: There are at least five initiatives that, undertaken now, will put you in a strong position to wrap up the year. These are short-fuse, get-it-done today tasks that can make or break Q4. B2B or B2C, in doesn’t matter. Chances are, you’re leaving money on the table.

Join NetSuite and Mike Healey, president of Yeoman Technology Group, for practical advice on optimizing your digital sales strategies in Q4 — and what…

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7982891298?profile=RESIZE_710x Walmart's recent online growth has gotten brands of all size rethinking their marketplace strategy on Amazon.  In general Walmart marketplace sales are 2-4% of what comparable item sales are on Amazon (based upons Yeoman's exclusive cross platform brand analysis over the last 5 years.

However, the pandemic has brought a surge in volume on Walmart, especially in groceries and consumables.


So is Walmart worth it?  Commissions and fees are comparable to Amazon (10-15% range) but there are several differences brands should be aware of.  The first is shipping and perfomance.

Remember, Walmart really doesn't have a mature, active program like FBA. They do have a program through their partner Delivrr, but this is fairly new and not a large % of their shipments yet.

If you're doing the fulfillment, Walmart’s standard metrics are…

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Blog Update:  Amazon officially confirmed 10/13 and 10/14 for Prime Day on Sunday September 27th.   Frustration among brands continues to grow as Amazon remains oddly silent and cryptic even to its biggest partners regarding Prime Day. The latest hints come from multiple sources including the Verge, CNBC, and even Amazon themselves.

The original October 5th placeholder is less than 12 days away so it's unlikely they'll try and hit that date. It's important to not that as of today, Amazon has not confirmed October 13th

The most recent evidence that it will be between October 12-15th:

- Amazon has restricted time off at the warehouses beginning the 13th (source CNBC and CNET)
- Lightning deals are blocked off after the 11th. Normally you can select multiple weeks…

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7516151095?profile=RESIZE_400x The last few weeks have been bad news for everyone who thought Amazon was going to stabilize after a few months of the pandemic.  Not only has Amazon's sales continued to grow, they've launched a flurry of new rules and requirements that are going to impact 100% of brands this holiday.

They likely have good intentions; they're trying to absorb the initial 50-60% growth in order volume that started in March in an environment that's made their operations 10-20% less efficient.  Now they're staring down the barrel of a huge surge during the holidays that requires some hard decisions that go against the core of their marketplace selling model that's made them so successful.


Join us for a detailed discussion of the current landscape and what your brand needs to do to succeed this holiday and into 2021.  Planned topics…

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7515554499?profile=RESIZE_584x A recent Yeoman study of over 1,500 items sold on Amazon from a leading US manufacturer found a whopping 70% contained errors or did not follow Amazon’s best practice recommendations for providing product details. This study further showed the same level of inaccuracy on Google and Bing product searches. This is a maddening problem that plagues manufacturers in every industry. Once a product is “out there,” resellers, partners, distributors and reviewers end up shaping and revising the product details that your customers are going to use to make their purchase decision.


Products sold by Amazon definitely had better data quality, but less than 4% could be considered 'optimized' with the proven best practices for any item:

  • Descriptive title at least 50 characters long (including brand, purpose, color, and set/quantity info)
  • Multiple images of product
  • Bullet/summary list of product features
  • Complete description that…
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7516194272?profile=RESIZE_400x Brands have a unique challenge with websites. They have to combine sales, operations, marketing, customer service and channel programs into one site. These have to be organized and easy-to-follow for customers as well as partners. Here at Yeoman, we’re rather famous for our website best practices review. In this blog series, we’re going to reveal our carefully honed criteria, so you can make sure your website is engaging and converting customers with the best of them.

Yeoman research has proven that brands providing multiple buying options on their core site not only send more traffic to these sites, but they also have a higher sales rate on their own site and tend to get more requests to resell/partner. This is especially critical for new brands; showing strong retail options helps instill customer confidence in a new product.

The graph below shows…

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