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We're Yeoman Technology Group, and we cut through the hype to help Companies optimize their investments in technology, especially as it relates to the Internet. Our services focus on analytics, research, and execution.

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? In online merchandising just about everything.

Data quality online is one of the biggest problems manufacturers face. How good your product “looks” online (including not just clean photos, but also well-written product descriptions and titles) impacts everything from SEO rankings to…

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Yeoman focuses on multichannel sales and multichannel marketing programs for Companies of all sizes.

The Internet isn't 'one thing'  It serves as a platform for business, more than just ecommerce, social commerce, or search optimization.  Call it multi-channel, splinternet, or just a big mess.  We help you figure out the puzzle.

Our services include channel development, technology assessment, competitor analysis, data quality programs, and web operations development and management
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