B2B manufacturers and publishers have to walk a fine line when it comes to optimizing online sales channels. While most of our B2B clients still rely on sales teams and downstream partners for the majority of their sales, the hard reality is that even your best sales rep isn’t as effective as they were ten years ago because of the impact of the web. So if you don’t clean up your act online, you’ll never stop the decline.  In fact, a landmark study published in the Harvard Business Review found 57% of organizations do their own prep work before contacting a supplier or rep.

At Yeoman we look at your entire business, not just your online presence, to make thoughtful and impactful recommendations for how to balance the unique needs and demands of each of your sales channels.


  • Jumpstarted a failed web rollout by managing all teams, resulting in a 3X increase in online leads
  • Consolidated an unwieldy mishmash of corporate websites into a single unified ecommerce platform to increase online sales by 20%.
  • Presented client with 8,000 net new bidding opportunities found via daily online research and opportunity identification.
  • Created and implemented a new strategy for online sales, including an aggressive push with Amazon Supply, to help grow existing partners. 

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