The world of B2C is not what it used to be and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The web isn’t just selling to consumers – it’s also selling to your buyers, partners, and distributors. There’s intense pressure to fully exploit new online channels that can morph and change overnight. Adding to that, the challenge for following your marketing dollars through a myriad of online/offline purchase cycles to quantify ROI in terms of leads, customers and revenue. And with competition from existing retailers and bigger players like Amazon, it’s no wonder many businesses don’t have the resources to meet the range of demands and requirements to effectively compete. 

Our approach is different. We look at the big picture – how do you go to market? Where are customers most likely to buy? Does Amazon really make sense for your business? We help you develop and implement your plan then wrap it all in advanced analytics so you can see where you’re making the most impact. 

Take a look at some of these successes:

  • Grew Amazon sales for a major manufacturer from $100K to $12M in five years.
  • Redefined an ineffective social media program to focus on building a base and influencing retail buyers.
  • Created product data standards that dramatically improved overall web positioning with every partner.
  • Introduced new tracking and analytics reports that measure overall influence and results online.

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