If you’re relying on your sales team to figure out the best online partners, you’re missing out.

It’s well into the 21st century, folks. It’s not OK to claim ignorance about who is a growing player online and what drives sales to other channels. They’re all interconnected, and “influence” is a growing buzzword that will come around and sting you if you’re not paying attention.

Chances are you missed Amazon’s rise and you’re still catching up.  Let us help. Not only can we help you optimize the major ecommerce channels your targets are active in (aka Amazon, Grainger, Wal-Mart, etc) we can also help you figure out which up-and-comers you want to connect with (aka Zulilly, Jet, Hayneedle, etc). Or you can sit back and play catch up all over again.

Yeoman can work with your team to find, cultivate, and succeed on the best online sites. We know hype from real ecommerce.  We're also experts at tackling the big online presence that is Amazon using our 4 point strategy that's proven to work.

So stop wasting time.  Choose your contact option on the right and let's get started.

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