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You lose 100% of the bids you don’t know about.

There are several hundred different B2B and supply chain systems active on the Internet today. This market represents over $300 billion in US sales and is a major purchasing avenue for enterprises of all sizes as well as a growing base of state and federal purchasers. Unfortunately, most companies don't have a clue as to which systems they should be active in, or what they should be looking for once they've signed up.

Yeoman's Supply Chain Monitoring and Management service provides a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to doing it yourself. 

Our team will review your target customers' buying patterns to make sure you're in the right systems. Next, we'll monitor and filter all opportunities that we find. Valid leads are then presented to your sales team for the next step. We'll even track the results if you opt to pass on a deal - all for a fixed monthly fee.

Case Study: How to keep the competition from eating your lunch

Sonicwall is a large manufacturer of firewalls and other security appliances. The company has actively been trying to move out of the small business market and target larger enterprises. 

Recently, a large US buyer attempted to purchase 250 Sonicwall units on the Ariba supply chain system. When a product doesn’t exist on the system, the system generates a bid notice to all relevant Ariba suppliers. Even though the buyer had already decided on Sonicwall, it was presented with competing Cisco and Fortinet quotes.

Sonicwall was unaware of the opportunity because none of their traditional channel partners had registered Sonicwall's products in the system. Guess who the customer end up buying?

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  • Here's a great webinar on Gov/Ed buying trends that anyone selling to these markets should listen to:

    This gives an excellent overview of the current trends in online gov/ed buying.
  • Here's a great snapshot that shows what types of customers use B2B and Supply Chain systems. The graph show the probability that a potential customer uses one or more of the systems described above.

    Key point - this is really a channel that B2B and industrial organizations need to focus on. If you're product is primarily consumer based, you should focus more on other channels, especially E-Tailers.

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