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Are you getting killed online?

Whether its online or offline, you need to know what ‘the other guys’ are up to.

At Yeoman, we're experts at analyzing your competitors’ online presence and can develop a detailed profile that helps you understand their traffic, spending patterns, pricing strategy, and even social activity. Our detailed assessment includes a ranking of how effective their different programs are.

Your competitive review will help you understand your online presence—and your competition—in each of the seven online channels. The review will give you detailed insight into your key competitors are online, including:

  • Who they are (surprise - they may not be who you think)
  • What they're doing well
  • What they're not doing well
  • Where they might have left the field wide open

Yeoman will then set up a step-by-step program to help you stay at the top of your game. Specific services include detailed competitor mapping, as well as our popular 'snapshot' service and "street price modeling"

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  • Look for the 2012 'Competitive Intelligence Online' research report done in conjuction with InformationWeek.  March 2012

  • Here's our recent: 'Understanding Your Competitors Online' webinar:

    It's a great overview of the types of things you should be doing to watch your competitors online behavior.
  • The seven Internet channels we analyze your competitors on are:

    E-tailer Centric: The group of ecommerce systems represent over $200b in revenue and includes Amazon as well as thousands of speciality sites

    Supply Chain Systems: This represents the largest amount of business to business and industrial sales. Include Ariba and Alibaba as well as the broader RFP and bidding systems

    Referral Based: The systems contribute 10-13% of revenue to some sites. Includes 20+ engines including Pronto, Shopzilla, as well as specialty systems like ServiceMagic

    Knowledge Centric: The #1 use of the web is content driven. This channel includes general content sites as well as 'managed systems' for engineering, technology, and healthcare professionals

    Social Based: The current 'hot' topic of the day not only includes Facebook and LinkedIn but also covers other peer-to-peer systems designed for a specific group.

    Auction Based: Auctions and reverse auctions are alive and well online. They tend to be focused on consumer and general commodity sales. This group includes systems like EBay and

    Direct Site: Last but not least, the main site needs to support customers, vendors, and your resellers and partners in an organized fashion that supports the sales operations
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