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What is the "Right" Technology? (Hint: It's a Trick Question)

“Going digital” is a big topic that basically means changing the way you use technology to more effectively engage today’s consumers across multiple channels.

But digital transformation is much more about how people (want to) interact with the world than it is about the latest tech fad.

Without a real understanding of your own capabilities and your customers’ preferences, “digital transformation” is just another empty buzzword propped up by overspend on technology-first efforts that don’t provide any real value.

Some recent client work we've completed includes:

  • Created and implemented a fast track ebook program to convert 300 legacy print books into multiple e-reader formats to help a publisher catch up in the market
  • Developed market requirements documentation for a venture-funded start-up 
  • Modernized workflows for a 25 year old manufacturer, streamlining the entire operations while leveraging legacy investments in smart ways 
  • Pilot tested online learning system for summer education market

Yeoman will help guide you through primary market research and end user surveys to identify projects with a high chance of success. We can then assist with technology research as well as initial business pilot and proof of concept (POC) projects. Engaging Yeoman allows you to identify, test, and introduce new digital products and services more quickly and with a greater chance of success.

The Yeoman Impact Analysis

With a Yeoman Technology Impact Analysis, our team goes beyond the traditional "talking heads" and focuses on the business impact of digital transformation initiatives. Are you investing in the right systems? Are you getting the most out of what you have? Does your organization look at all factors related to IT, or just the technology itself?

Yeoman Technologies does not provide IT consulting. We provide hands-on hard labor, working to discover what’s working and what’s not in your current IT environment. We then get to work investigating possibilities for new solutions that will deliver what your business needs.

We look at things like usability, maximizing your existing investment, and alignment with strategic business goals. It’s not glamorous work, but it produces results that are pretty extraordinary.

When you need “advice” call a consultant. When you need IT that works, call Yeoman.

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Feel free to review some of our sample research and work attached below.

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  • Added ROI Cloud Modeler as reference doc

  • If you're looking for more examples, check out our piece on the challenges of Enterprise Search.

    Summary: Organizations are slow to adopt enterprise search systems that empower users to find data on the desktop, the network, and the Internet. The challenges are more operational than technical and the payoff is efficiency and a new level of productivity. Read more...
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