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Are you really great at running an online business?

The digital age has introduced a marketing catch-22. While it is theoretically possible to reach more customers with more targeted messages, more cost-effectively than ever before, actually doing it can be well outside the scope of your in-house capabilities, and even beyond the capabilities of your traditional marketing agency partner.  

Outsourcing digital operations complements your current marketing efforts, by giving you instant access to the advanced digital solutions, analytics, and other capabilities you need to navigate the expanding online digital ecosystem and more easily reach your target audience...and quantify the results.

Outsourcing web operations and other digital operations to Yeoman provides you with:

  • The flexibility of on-demand access to specialized resources and expertise
  • The ability to reach more customers more effectively in their preferred channels
  • Cost savings compared to developing in-house capabilities

The bottom line? Yeoman Technology Group can provide you with digital operations services that will streamline and simplify your online marketing efforts and maximize your revenue and profit on the web.

Web store ecommerce platform selection 
Yeoman will help you through the process of finding a world-class ecommerce platform that can scale to support large merchandise and product portfolios and allow for rapid design and development, with extensive customization and branding capabilities. We already work with dozens of existing applications such as Amazon Webstore, Kentico, Shopify, Magento, and many others, and we’re tireless in or pursuit of the right platform for your business model. We can manage the RFP process and the vendor relationship throughout the development and launch. We can also provide testing and QA services to ensure the site launches without any surprises. 

Web support and optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our team has 10 years of direct experience in optimizing content to maximize traffic from Google and the other major search engines. 
  • Data Quality and Content Management: Yeoman will clean up and optimize online product information to further boost search visibility. This also includes daily management of search results, optimizing content for highest closing items.
  • Mobile and Tablet Support: We create and support rich mobile and tablet sites that are optimized for Android or Apple platforms.

“Smart” Email Programs
We introduce a new level of user-specific messaging and customization with a program that includes personalized messages based on behavior and preferences. Our team has deep working knowledge of the biggest platforms, such as Mail Chimp, Exact Target, Marketo, Constant Contact, and many others.

Traffic generation

  • Social: Yeoman are experts at working with your marketing team to convert likes into clicks
  • PPC campaigns: Yeoman performs detailed analysis on best performing keywords and elements that support ‘return’ visitors to create super-charged PPC campaigns.
  • Retargeting: Your best use of budget is targeting visitors who have already spent time on your site. We are experts at setting up the techniques and strategies for proper retargeting.

Reporting and analytics

Yeoman continuously monitors all aspects of your ecommerce presence and supporting programs to ensure we are adding value at every layer. We provide you with ongoing analysis and reporting on key business metrics along with concrete recommendations for acting on the information.

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If you’d rather concentrate on your core business, and let an expert supercharge your online sales, contact us to discuss how our digital web operations services can help maximize revenue and profit on the web.

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  • FYI - We can also provide these services on a temporary basis for maternity leave, aquisitions, or other short term scenarios.

  • One note: We offer this service for any channel or site. Often times we're called in to manage a 'new' opportunity simply because the organization doesn't have the time or the skills to jump right in.
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