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3284397477?profile=RESIZE_320x320The first step for many larger organizations often involves a ‘where are we’ review of their current site and the gaps they currently face.  This often means evaluating and selecting a new ecommerce/marketing platform. 

Make no mistake - your site must blend ecommerce (aka sales) and marketing into one seemless experience for the modern customer.  No more 'Wordpress for Marketing" and 'something else' to take orders.  Not today.  

There are literally hundreds of different sites, partners, systems, and applications designed to provide some level of ecommerce to your operations.  We regularly keep tabs on all of them and can manage the selection process for you.




Yeoman takes a vendor neutral approach to any platform, acting as a part of your team to find the right fit for your organization. 


Yeoman's services can focus on one or all of the different channels on the web. We highly encourage clients to take a holistic view of their web sales and distribution models.

NOTE: Our Best Practices Scorecard for your main site is automatically included as part of the GAP analysis.

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  • FYI - We always apply our "3P" model for any channel review. This scores any competitor or chanel:

    1. Presence: Is the target customer an active user of this channel
    2. Propensity: Is there a likelihood that they would or could purchase using this channel, even if the option deosn't exist
    3. Purchasing: Regardless of the number of target customers, are the ones using this channel actively purchasing via this channel now.

    Refer to the Gap Analysis Summary PDF for a sample image

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