Yeoman is not a marketing agency and we are not IT.

There’s a lot of internet marketing that gets taken on faith these days. Terms like “mindshare,” “halo effect” and “cross-segment synergies” seem purpose-created to shroud the fact that a lot of what passes for internet marketing can’t be measured. 

That's where we come in.  We fill the gap between marketing and tech and focus on sales.  If you need a label, call us an analytics and operations consulting firm.  We focuses on where, when, and why a customer is buying - online or off.

We do the yeoman’s work that makes sure your products get found and purchased across multiple channels online. We may not be as glamorous as marketing or as cool as tech, but one thing we do believe in is numbers.

We not only set up and monitor analytics for all of your sites, but also establish the business metrics, goals, and decision rules that drive results.

But we don’t stop there. We provide our clients with ongoing analysis and reporting on key business metrics along with concrete recommendations for acting on the information. This real intelligence has helped some of our customers achieve increases in same store sales anywhere from 25% - 85%.

And we’re not just blowing sunshine – we require all of our management personnel to become Google Analytics Qualified – even the CFO.

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If you’d like to wrap some real numbers around your online efforts, give us a call.

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  • If you missed the "Top Trends" event, you should listen to the replay. There's a good discussion about social networking that folks interested in Emerging Technologies should listen to.
  • As a note to readers, there's a new series coming out as part of our partnership with InformationWeek. The focus is on the use of next generation technologies with customers and users.

    The first in the series is Next Generation Email.

    Please note: The full report is only available directly from InformationWeek or as part of your contract with Yeoman. Go to for subscription details.
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