Product Data Management

Your online data is a mess! 

It’s easy to lose control over online data quality. After all, once it gets entered into “the system,” all those data fields and image files rarely get looked at ever again. But before you spend beaucoup bucks on marketing and countless hours tweeting and posting to Facebook, take a quick peek at the web to see how your products are being represented.

Yeoman has made a science of cleaning up dirty data, with a best practices framework that ensures your data is clean, standardized, optimized, and ready to move product across multiple ecommerce platforms. Our proprietary blend of software and human-aided data cleansing ensures your products will shine in the best light possible.

Don't think it's that much of a problem? We studied over 1,000 products from a major manufacturer and found 70% had incorrect information in the top retail channels online (like Amazon, Walmart, and Staples). Start with typos, missing images, and bad descriptions, then move on to blatantly incorrect pricing, laughably wrong images, mistakes on unit info, and worse.

And bad data doesn't just look bad, it:

  • Makes you look unprofessional-even untrustworthy
  • Confuses and frustrates customers, who move on to the competition
  • Results in high return rates for items that are not "as advertised"
  • Negatively affects your ratings on top ecommerce sites
  • Wastes any dollars spent on getting eyeballs to your products

Not sure how your data looks online? Yeoman will be happy to run an online data scorecard for you.

Contact us to get the details.

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