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Legacy businesses may have their excuses, but starting any business without an integrated digital plan in this day and age is tantamount to malpractice. Yet every day  thousands of new products are launched by entrepreneurs, private equity-backed companies, and kick-started campaigns that lack the basics to succeed online or otherwise.

The world isn’t 100% online. It’s a mix.  Yeoman gets it and makes sure you are in all the right channels today and positioned to expand into the relevant offline channels from a position of strength.  We can also manage as much or as little of your digital web operations as you require. Trust us, doing it the right way, right from the beginning, helps keep you from being a start-up statistic, and smoothes the road for your rapid growth.


  • Managed an integrated launch plan for new sporting goods line that tightly coordinated in-store and online start dates, generating record-breaking initial store orders.
  • Re-launched and optimized new integrated web presence for a venture-funded health and beauty start-up ahead of deadline.
  • Created online data quality standards for a new product line that help position it above legacy competitors.
  • Developed Amazon presence for a start-up that expanded to direct sales.

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