Yeoman focuses on optimizing the digital transformation for manufacturers, publishers, and educators through consulting, data analysis, channel development, and direct “jump-starting” of stalled efforts. 

What is a Yeoman?  It’s classic English word that refers to the “one who gets the job done”  The term is used in farming, the military, and general life to describe an individual whom others rely to do the hard, behind-the-scenes work that paves the way for them to do their jobs better.  We bring that drive to your organization’s digital challenges. 

These days, simply having great products or great content isn’t enough. You can no longer sit idly by and rely on the traditional methods and channels to deliver revenue. 

Yeoman helps you become an active part of the digital transformation: expanding your business intelligence, cleaning up your online data, fully leveraging your ecommerce options, actively courting customers via email campaigns, and combing the web for bid opportunities.

Key focus areas:

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