7516748652?profile=RESIZE_400xIt’s hard to believe, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. That means it’s time for manufacturers to do a holiday-prep double-check to help boost sales.

  1. Polish up your Amazon presence. The total holiday shopping revenue on Amazon in 2016 was $91.7 BILLION. Amazon is now calling the shopping period between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday “The Cyber 5.” Ramping up to the Cyber 5, there’s still time to check your product details and images to make sure that they accurately represent your products.  You also need to make sure you have your brands registered for protection from pirated products. 
  2. Mobile first. Speaking of Amazon, on black Friday, mobile sales surpassed $1 billion on a single day, and over 72% of Amazon shoppers worldwide shopped using a mobile device. If you haven’t made the leap yet, this is the year for you to get mobile. While there may not be time to launch a mobile friendly site before November, it’s certainly worth getting something in place.  We’ve found that even terrible mobile sites get activity on mobile ads. This is really a case of just getting something going, and then working on perfecting it over time. 
  3. Refresh / activate a Google manufacturers feed. A Google Manufacturer Center feed helps you share detailed product information such as product titles, descriptions, images, key features, YouTube videos, and more. The data is used to enrich Google's overall product catalog and helps them enhance product information and increase the quality of shopping ads. If you haven’t signed up yet, get moving.  If you are signed up, log in, and be sure your product feed is up to date.
  4. Enable affiliate location extensions in Google AdWords. Original manufacturers that sell their goods in retail chains can now begin promoting those locations to nearby consumers within their own AdWords ads. Basically, when someone searches for a product on Google, your ad will appear with your affiliate location extension. The customer sees the nearest store, either as an address or on a map. If they’re on a mobile device, they can just tap to get directions. 
  5. Expand your Facebook presence. If you haven’t started thinking about social media for the holidays yet, it’s not too late—but it will be soon. In addition to planned social media campaigns, it’s also important to have a “live” presence on social media, to interact naturally with followers, and for the inevitable customer service requests that come in through these channels. 
  6. And etcetera. Check a few of these quick items off your list to give holiday sales an extra boost:
  • Update your website homepage with prep-for-holiday messaging, and consider include a gift-wrapped image on your site or with your Amazon product details.
  • Consider creating a bundled product offering.
  • Increase prices across the board.
  • Review Google Analytics and make sure any 2017 events/sales/promos/weather-related events are annotated for review in 2018.
  • Review your website for any old copy or old reference dates and update with 2018 as needed.
  • Review your inventory and set up a plan for clearing out the old to make room for the new. For example, you can send an end-of-year newsletter to your retailers with ideas for them to help you get rid of 2017 products. 
  • Send “thank-you for a great year” messages or gifts to your distributors.

Taking these steps will help ensure you can relax and enjoy the holidays!

If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to give us a call to help you get a handle on it.

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