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There's a very slick and visually catchy report on "The State of the Internet" from the website,  that covers all sorts of interesting Internet factoids, from the minutiae (152 MILLION blogs?!?) to the grand, including which countries consider Internet access an inalienable right, and which ones consider it threatening enough to severely limit access to their citizens.


It includes a counter showing you how many folks have visited the Internet for the first time since you started looking at the page, and one that shows the number of new websites created in the same time span. (Luckily there are still more new visitors than new websites.) It also includes a neat map of the race for social media domination. Hint: Facebook is currently winning - but guess who's giving it a run for the money?


Very interesting stuff.  And for those of you who still don't think your customers want to interact with you on the web, it may give you the inspiration to revisit that assumption. 


See the report for yourself here.



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