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7516489873?profile=RESIZE_400xIn our original blog post, Amazon Brand Registry: What You Need to Know Right Now, we covered some of the advantages of signing up for the new Amazon Brand Registry. Of course the main benefit of the brand registry is that once you prove your brand belongs to you, Amazon will help you protect it against counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers. 

Well, it's working.

Under the old brand registry, submitting tickets (reporting a violation of your brand) was a frustrating experience. It could take a long time for Amazon to respond, and they didn't always respond in your favor.

With the new and improved brand registry, we've seen our tickets get fixed almost in REAL TIME. It seems that with the added confidence Amazon has with their stricter brand vetting program, they are willing to respond quickly and decisively in your brand's favor.

Haven't signed up yet? Be sure to read the above-mentioned blog post for the links and critical tips for doing it the right way. You'll be glad you did.

Remember, if you need help with anything Amazon, Team Yeo is here to help!


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