3565675286?profile=RESIZE_710xThe long standing quesiton about whether or not Amazon will be happy collecting taxes on behave of 3rd party sellers is officially over. Today Amazon proactively announced they will be collecting taxes in 9 more state starting October 1st (AZ, CA, CO, ME, MD, MA, NV, ND, TX, UT)


That brings the total to 33 states that Amazon collects and remits taxes for 3rd party sellers.  (38 if you count the 5 states that don't charge sales tax) The bulk of the other Marketplaces like Walmart and eBay have also complied with most of the rules, but not as fast as Amazon.  For Amazon, the logic is easy

  • They have a physical nexus in all 50 states already (so they pay taxes on items they sell direct)
  •  They already have an enterprise level merchant collection system that's been running for year
  • Walmart, EBay and other competing marketplaces are struggling to move as fast


That leaves 13 states a seller may have to collection sales tax in.  This broader question of tax collection for Amazon (and direct ecommerce sales) is still up for grabs since the South Dakota vs Wayfair decision last year (Here's great deep dive on overall tax impact for a brand - https://www.pymnts.com/next-gen-sales-tax/2019/wayfair-marketplace-facilitator-economic-nexus-ecommerce/)   To tackle that, teams should huddle with their tax team to understand what's next.

The following is the current list as of 9/16.  For full details see: (Amazon account required) https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/G7VYHGJ8ZT2M58CP.

State Effective Date


Alaska No sales tax
Arizona 10/1/2019
Arkansas 7/1/2019
California 10/1/2019
Colorado 10/1/2019
Connecticut 12/1/2018
DC 4/1/2019
Delaware No sales tax
Florida 3p if applicable
Georgia 3p if applicable
Hawaii 3p if applicable
Idaho 7/1/2019
Illinois 3p if applicable


Iowa 1/1/2019
Kansas 3p if applicable
Kentucky 7/1/2019
Louisiana 3p if applicable
Maine 10/1/2019
Maryland 10/1/2019
Massachusetts 10/1/2019
Michigan 3p if applicable
Minnesota 10/1/2018
Mississippi 3p if applicable
Missouri 3p if applicable
Montana No sales tax


Nevada 10/1/2019
New Hampshire No sales tax
New Jersey 11/1/2018
New Mexico 7/1/2019
New York 7/1/2019
North Carolina 3p if applicable
North Dakota 3p if applicable
Ohio 9/1/2019
Oklahoma 7/1/2018
Oregon No sales tax
Pennsylvania 4/1/2018

Rhode Island

South Carolina 4/29/2019
South Dakota 3/1/2019
Tennessee 3p if applicable
Texas 10/1/2019
Utah 10/1/2019
Vermont 6/6/2019
Virginia 7/1/2019
Washington 1/1/2018
West Virginia 7/1/2019
Wisconsin 3p if applicable
Wyoming 7/1/2019


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