Amazon Re-positions for B2B

Amazon wants more B2B and used their holiday boost to try and jumpstart the program.  Many Amazon visitors (mostly businesses users) started seeing new ads for Amazon for Business service.  This is a re-labled version of their existing Amazon Supply ( service that has been around for a few years.  The Company has seen some of its fast growth in traditionally B2B categories - industrial supplies, office equipment, basic medical supplies, etc.  The issue for Amazon has always been their inability to support what a business wants - purchase orders, multiple users, and a phone number to call.

Enter Amazon Supply.  Launched back in 2012 it was positioned as a 'Grainger killer' and would woe the industrial world. The separate site even has a phone number for users to call.  Flash forward two years later and the site still says "BETA" and it's monthly traffic barely cracks 100,000 visits (source data)  So is the push to B2B and industrial a failure?  Hardly. 

These categories are exploding on, not on the specialty site.  Users are used to Amazon so that's where they go.  The 'new' Amazon for business has all of the features of Amazon supply, just rolled into Amazon.  Expect it to continue to drive their business.

For a manufacturer or publisher this is another sign that you need to rethink your Amazon strategy. Yeoman's team are experts at modern channel management and can help your organization expand their Amazon footprint. 

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