Join Yeoman's Mike Healey at the 2015 Chief Learning Officer Spring Symposium on April 12th for a review of the major digital trends impacting the education market.  The session is part of a pre-conference event sponsored by our higher education partner Mindmax.  This session is designed for high-ed execs looking to better understand the digital transformation that is impacting their enrollment and recruitment initiatives.  

Institutions continue to struggle with their online presence, often creating a silo'd series of sites that don't integrate with backend systems and ignore the critical 'offline' touches that occur as part of a student's enrollment journey.  The "web" is often dropped onto Marketing without any plans to coordinate activities with enrollment, admissions, or financial aid.  IT is often out of the loop intend to focus on back-end systems that need to be updated for the modern student.

The result?  A disjointed user experience that hinders enrollment.  But there is hope.  This presentation will review 15 case studies that leveraged advanced data analysis and an integrated approach to student development.  Each had their own internal political struggles, but all were able to make significant advances in their digital footprint.

Participants will come away with a best practices scorecard they can use to take an honest assessment of their current environment.  This presentation is an invite only event occuring immediately before the CLO Symposium.  Interested institutions can request an invite via Mindmax.

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