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7516708256?profile=RESIZE_400xDespite the appearance of a silver lining in the financial cloud, budgets are still tight and most companies still need to do more with less when it comes to getting the word out about their products. In our experience, one of the most overlooked sales assets at many companies is the email list.

Yeoman has found that in a surprising number of companies, this list is collected and compiled and then left in a dusty hard drive somewhere. No one seems to own it - and worse – no one seems to know what to do with it.

The bottom line is that this is a dirt cheap (we’re talking pennies per contact) way to drive tons of qualified traffic to your main website. So, what should you be doing with your list?

Newsletters – Keep these focused on your products. Make it brief and to the point with links to deeper information on your website. Avoid fancy graphics and pictures that slow downloads and shrink open rates.

Email blasts – Save these brief missives for a new product release, a breaking industry story, or a big promotion. Keep blasts to a minimum to decrease your unsubscribe rate.

Surveys – Surveys give you deep insight into customer preferences and also bring participants into your inner circle to help them feel more a part of the “family.” Offering a drawing for a gift certificate will help encourage folks to participate.

We recently came across a pretty cool app (called Glyder) that lets you send out slick-looking pre-designed blasts to your Constant Contact or Outlook contacts via Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and a number of other social media sites – all with a few taps of your finger. It looks like a great way to get started reaching out to your customers for those with smaller email lists and the discipline to follow through on an editorial email plan. Be warned, the free app does come with quite a flurry of emails designed to talk you into buying more services.

For those with bigger lists or in need of a more sophisticated outreach program, Yeoman can design a custom Web Ops engagement to start driving major traffic to your online sales outlets.

Do you have an email list languishing in a dark database somewhere? Give Yeoman call to discuss your best outreach strategy.

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