Fast Lane: Getting Product to Market

 Here are a few easy steps to get a new product to market and quick:  

  • Design an innovative product and be confident in your ability to deliver this product at some point in the “foreseeable future,” actual date not necessary.
  • Rock the marketing for said product and be sure to create a buzz. One way to accomplish this is to turn to You Tube.  Make a clever video, insert a hipster type, “Average Joe,” have him crack a few jokes, explain what your product is and hope this goes viral.
  • Now you may need some capital to manufacture your product, try crowdfunding.   Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and Tilt are a few crowdfunding programs gaining popularity.

Sounds simple right? This process is actually happening, people. Products such as Navdy, are being sold online today as part of a discounted “pre-order” program powered by, yet the production of these Navdy units is not complete. They do not even have a solid date as to when consumers will receive their product and sales are being made. A boat-load of sales. The company was looking to raise $60k in the 30-day pre-order period, but quickly surpassed that goal and in just seven days raised a whopping $1 million and they are now at over $6.5 million.  And Navdy is not alone, there are others out there, Coolest Cooler & Pebble Smartwatch  followed similar crowdfunded  paths and found success.  We at Yeoman love to support original manufacturers, giving them the tools to best use the internet to attain their goals.  So get out there and harness the power of the web and sell, sell, sell!

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