7540442256?profile=RESIZE_400xQuick question: What do digital strategies and bankruptcy filings have in common?
Answer: Nothing, except that if you don’t have the former, you’ll likely end up with the latter. Don’t believe us? The list of companies that have “reorged” during the last four years is a veritable who’s who of entities that failed to make the leap to digital.

In retail, think Thomasville/Lane Furniture, Brookstone, and Loehmann’s. In education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Cengage Learning. In publishing, Gatehouse Media and Reader’s Digest. In manufacturing, Kodak, Exide, Oreck, and Hawker Beechcraft. Even in the technology world we saw two pioneers fall: SSD maker OCZ and venerable video game creator Atari.

Some blame the recession, but technically that’s been over for two years. In fact, if you strip out the real estate and financial firm bankruptcies typically associated with the downturn, most sectors are trending up. However, there’s a catch and caveat. Retail, manufacturing, distribution, publishing, and education have a common challenge: Growth in these industries is coming only from organizations that are digitally integrated. Legacy firms that haven’t made the leap are stuck.....


3294932931?profile=RESIZE_320x320Yeoman President Mike Healey and InformationWeek Reports have combined to release a new research report on the state of digital transformation, listing best practice and biggest mistakes.  Our exclusive research shows critical gaps impacting 65% of enterprises surveyed.  Left unresolved, they may end up a shadow of themselves.. (Source: 2014 InformationWeek Digital Research Survey)

Download the entire report at InformationWeek Reports -- http://reports.informationweek.com/abstract/83/12521/IT-Business-Strategy/The-Business-of-Going-Digital.html


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