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2013 was a big year for ecommerce as mobile ads got monetized and social commerce took a big hit - both at the hands of the same company (hint: Facebook).

What's on tap for next year? And what should you be doing with your online channel initiatives so that you can hit the ground running on 1/1/14?

Join us for our popular ‘look ahead’ at what will be trending in online sales and distribution next year. We'll talk about such hot topics as:


  • Will tablet growth slow?
  • Will Amazon stumble? 
  • Is B2B ready for a big…
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How Does Technology Speed up Production?

3294932387?profile=RESIZE_180x180Ask yourself this:  What if your distribution center couldn’t support changes in volume, product assortment or delivery timelines? How much would you lose in opportunity costs?


As multi-channel businesses look to expand product and business lines quickly as a key competitive advantage, the speed to deploy a material handling solution becomes a critical success factor. Fast system deployment can be the difference…

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OK, we don't like to brag. But back in 2009 we talked about "Why There Will Never Be a Walmart of the Web" we predicted that more and more retailers will adopt the Amazon open market model. So its no surprise that Sears has followed Walmart's lead and opened up their online system to a whole range of products. Why? They need to keep up with Amazon online. Their model helped them post a 27% quarter of quarter growth in late 2009. In this economy?!?

While Sears' new program is not as open as Amazon's, manufacturers, publishers, and tech firms that sell in the consumer space need to take a hard look at how this changes their sales channel strategy. If you weren't selling through Sears before - get on it. Fees are low and the process is straightforward (Contact Yeoman if you need guidance of course). If you were already working with…
Read more… started out primarily as an online bookseller. But they're not just selling books anymore. Amazon now has its own ePublishing division, and they made headlines recently when CIA-operative turned thriller writer Barry Eisler turned down a half million advance from what he terms "Legacy" publishing house St. Martin's Press to ePublish with Amazon.


Originally planning to self-publish electronically, Amazon wooed Eisler with a "hybrid deal" that was too sweet for the author to pass up. He would get the control over the creative and business aspects of his books that self publishing would have given him, while benefitting from the Amazon ePublishing platform and their "marketing juggernaut" to boost sales.


The books are also cheaper for consumers, and Eisler reports he has sold more of this book than any of his previous titles. And that's saying a lot for a NYT best-selling author.


For its…

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