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We just finished up the research and reporting for this week's InformationWeek cover story 'Blinded by Big Data,' and JC Penny is one of the companies we talk about. Under CEO Ron Johnson they made a huge pivot away from their private label brands and traditional discounting to focus on a new vision. A lot of the rhetoric was based on trends and stats they continuously referenced when they were on the road pushing the new idea.


Unfortunately, the planned failed and the returning CEO has kept only a few of the ideas (like store-within-a-store) but has essentially reversed Johnson's pricing, private label, and ecommerce plans.  What makes this especially interesting for data analysis is that both have referenced the same data points as the rationale for their respective changes.


Two CEOs, two visions, and one set of data that seems to morph as needed. The InformationWeek cover story focuses on the concept of 'data governance,' which helps establish quality standards and norms that c

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Live State of Internet Report

There's a very slick and visually catchy report on "The State of the Internet" from the website,  that covers all sorts of interesting Internet factoids, from the minutiae (152 MILLION blogs?!?) to the grand, including which countries consider Internet access an inalienable right, and which ones consider it threatening enough to severely limit access to their citizens.


It includes a counter showing you how many folks have visited the Internet for the first time since you started looking at the page, and one that shows the number of new websites created in the same time span. (Luckily there are still more new visitors than new websites.) It also includes a neat map of the race for social media domination. Hint: Facebook is currently winning - but guess who's giving it a run for the money?


Very interesting stuff.  And for those of you who still don't think your customers want to interact with you on the web, it may give you the inspiration to revisit that assumption

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We've just finished up our web strategy research in junction with our partners at InformationWeek.

The report, based on Yeoman's President Mike Healey's research survey of 326 business technology professionals, shows that 44% of respondents run more than five distinct sites, and only 39% of those with consumer sites provide integrated cross-site search and navigation.

The big surprise, almost everyone (89%) lack a collaborative interdepartmental online approach. This report highlights the amazing amount of disconnect that exists between the business and their approach to the Internet. Some key stats to chew on:

  • 44% of respondents rate their customer-facing Web setups average to poor.
  • Nearly 45% say they operate more than five distinct sites; 14% run more than 50 sites.
  • Only 39% offer consistent navigation and search across their customer-facing Web sites.
  • Just 56% provide customers with single sign-on access to their various sites.
  • Only 11% report a truly collaborative approach to the
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Groupon is a very stealthy Company.  They very quietly acquired Zappedy last week for about $10 buck.  Zappedy is an ecommerce platform for small businesses.

So what you say?  This is a big move for Groupon.  Their previous acquisitions were either other 'deal' sites like German CityDeals or Companies that could bolster their core offering like US based Pelago who made location focused software.

Zappedy shows that Groupon is thinking beyond the quick hit revenue associated with coupons.  The bulk of Groupon customers are small businesses that typically lack sophisticated ecommerce, crm, or marketing systems.  This acquisition could let them offer a 'full service' suite to customers.

It's way too early to tell if this would be successful, but it’s a great idea. Most small retailers are a mess when it comes to their online presence.  If Groupon can expand upon their coupon model and give them a fast, well integrated solution they'll fill a major gap and open up some great revenue opportu

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