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We here at Yeoman are very interested in how customers and prospects interact with brands online. Inc. Magazine recently ran an article on 4 new services that promise to measure your brand's social media influence- and presumably influence you to make some important decisions on how much hard cash to spend on soft marketing initiatives. 

But can you really wrap numbers around activities designed to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty? Back when it was all "real-world" PR, sponsorships and the like, no one really bothered to try. Now that we can track and trace everything all over the web, we think we can (and should) build business cases for every moment of employee time that gets spent on brand awareness activities. The question is: are we getting smarter about measuring the results of social media or are we killing the goose just as it's laying the golden egg?

The answer, like your comany's Facebook status, is "it's complicated." Should you look beneath the surface and use som

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