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Why Croc Sells Direct

There's an interesting article on the rise of 'manufacturer's direct websites' in a recent issue of Internet Retailer. Paul Demery gives a great example of why Crocs focuses so heavily on their own ecommerce site.

"We certainly don’t have a brand awareness issue, but the average consumer thinks we make fewer than 10 products,” notes Chris Ladd, VP at Crocs. "Consumers aren’t aware of all those items because most of them don’t make it onto retail store shelves." he added.

The article goes on to talk about variations on selling direct, outlining P&G's model, which focuses more on product testing than direct sales.  Great story, but the article falls short by not focusing on all the different online channels a manufacturer needs to evaluate.


At Yeoman, we believe a direct web site that clearly outlines products, pricing, and gives the buyer the option to purchase is critical for every Company. Whether you sell the product direct like Croc, or create a system that feeds the sales to yo

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