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Email is dead... long live email!  Here at Yeoman we handle quite a bit of email web operations for our clients as part of our Outsourced Web Operations services.  Part of that means applying our best practices to email newsletters and then tirelessly testing and tweaking our approach to maximize open rates and click-thrus.

That’s why I was tickled pink to find this infographic from Kissmetrics showing that industry research supports our key best practices for email marketing.  Some of the highlights include:

Format your emails for mobile. Not convinced you need to? Over 40% of consumers now open their emails on a device other than their desktop PC—a number that’s been skyrocketing in the last few years.

And if they can’t read it easily on their smart phone or tablet, 89% of them will just delete it, and 27% will unsubscribe from your list. With 39% of marketers saying they do not have a mobile marketing strategy, making a few tweaks to your email marketing plans could yield big compe

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3294933227?profile=RESIZE_320x320Most online retailers collect a vast amount of information from their customers, but very few of them seem to know what to do with it beyond sending out coupons and newsletters. But ModCloth, which sells women’s clothes in retro vintage styles, has been able to harness the power of their customer data not just to increase sales but also to lowers costs.

The company uses customer feedback and data collected from its website visitors to make more informed purchasing and stocking decisions - thus lowering overhead, over-purchasing and lost revenue due to stock-outs.  It’s also used the information to develop smartphone and tablet apps that appeal more directly to its customers' tastes to drive more traffic and sales.  In fact, mobile devices account for 42% of visits to ModCloth.

ModCloth has also used its data intelligence to make its site more sticky. They have created interactive site features such as:

  • The “Be the Buyer” program invites users to vote for their favorite styles and give det
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7541751083?profile=RESIZE_400xFor months, analysts and industry insiders have been griping that no one could monetize mobile. And in particular, that social media giant, Facebook, would HAVE TO monetize mobile in order to salvage its sinking stock price. Well the Q3 earning reports are out and - guess what? Facebook monetized mobile!

The Facebook mobile app serves up ads embedded into users' newsfeeds - and so far Facebookers have been biting. Will other retail companies be able to follow suit? That remains to be seen.

But for the moment, Facebook has managed to stop the deceleration of its revenue growth, thanks to mobile ads shoring up the company’s ad business, which is already accounting for 14 percent of total ad revenues.

Are mobile ads right for your business? What about Facebook mobile ads? For a nuanced answer to that million (or billion) dollar question, give Yeoman a shout, we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

This info graphic from Statista tells the story:



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