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3294931689?profile=RESIZE_480x480Nixie is the brain child of a Google Alumna and a PhD in experimental physics. This small camera-equipped drone is worn around your wrist, and can be quickly deployed to capture you and your besties at your best. When activated, Nixie unfolds into a quadcopter, that flies away from you (in one of its pre-programmed modes) to take photos or video and then returns to you when it's finished.

Even though this is a high-tech gizmo the likes of which neither Dick Tracy nor Jean-Luc Picard ever dreamed of, the company is going with a classic/throwback venture capital fundraising model to get it to market.

It will be interesting to see if they change it up and opt for a pre-order scheme to raise money when they are closer to launch.

If you were going to launch a new product, would you go for a kickstarter campaign or hit the fundraising trail? 

What do you think about pre-sales as a fundraising technique?

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