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3294932038?profile=RESIZE_320x320A recent Yeoman study of over 1,500 items sold on Amazon from a leading US manufacturer found a whopping 70% contained errors or did not follow Amazon’s best practice recommendations for providing product details. This study further showed the same level of inaccuracy on Google and Bing product searches. This is a maddening problem that plagues manufacturers in every industry. Once a product is “out there,” resellers, partners, distributors and reviewers end up shaping and revising the product details that your customers are going to use to make their purchase decision.

Products sold by Amazon definitely had better data quality, but less than 4% could be considered 'optimized' with the proven best practices for any item:

  • Descriptive title at least 50 characters long (including brand, purpose, color, and…
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3294931764?profile=RESIZE_320x320Amazon Merchants were just notified that as of June 27th Amazon will be hiding (from both search and browse) any SKUs that do not have a main image loaded.  Having at least one image for an item you are trying to sell online may seem like common sense, but this new decree from Amazon actually represents a major step forward for online data quality - and should serve as a wake-up call to manufacturers.

While it may seem absurd to think someone would purchase an item without an image, Yeoman's analysis proves it does happen. We have done data quality analysis over a 2 year period with clients using BOTH Amazon and proprietary ecommerce platforms.  Items without main images were always in the lowest class of performance, but approximately 2-5% of the SKUs had some revenue.

The percent…

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So the other day I was alerted by a Facebook friend to one of the latest YouTube sensations - a video for a new product called Ultra Ever Dry. You can see the video here:

My first thought was - "Wow! I could put that on my dinner plates and never have to do dishes again!"

My second thought was - "Hey, I bet they were caught by surprise with a viral mega hit on their hands - I wonder how they're doing with their online sales?"

Turns out, not so well.

A quick Google search for Ultra Ever Dry turned up the usual suspects: wildly divergent pricing, a sold out Amazon page, and (worst of all) a single user rating of 1 star. If I were the average consumer, I would probably  assume the whole thing was an over-hyped fake and go on with my life.

It's clear in this case that Ultra Ever Dry hoped for the best (putting out a really cool YouTube…

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