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Yeoman is pleased to be working on the Linux Foundation's again on their annual research report on enterprise use of Linux. Now in it's fourth year, the survey is a fascinating snapshot of the technology shifts within the enterprise.  Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and the mobile explosion have all dramatically impacted business and Linux has been a the core of these shift. 

What's Linux use within your organization?  Take the survey and let us know.  The survey is open now but closes May 2nd.  The Full research report will be released later in the Spring.


Your responses will be used as part of an upcoming report on Linux trends in the enterprise. As…

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Drive More Traffic to Your Main Site

Despite the appearance of a silver lining in the financial cloud, budgets are still tight and most companies still need to do more with less when it comes to getting the word out about their products. In our experience, one of the most overlooked sales assets at many companies is the email list.

Yeoman has found that in a surprising number of companies, this list is collected and compiled and then left in a dusty hard drive somewhere. No one seems to own it - and worse – no one seems to know what to do with it.

The bottom line is that this is a dirt cheap (we’re talking pennies per contact) way to drive tons of qualified traffic to your main website. So, what should you be doing with your list?

Newsletters – Keep these focused on your products. Make it brief and to the point with links to deeper information on your website. Avoid fancy graphics and pictures that slow downloads and shrink open rates.

Email blasts – Save these brief…

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We're pleased to be working on another annual research report with the Linux Foundation on enterprise use of Linux. Part of this research includes a survey of Linux adopters and enterprise IT professionals. Does that include you? Then be sure to chime in!


Your responses will be used as part of an upcoming report on Linux trends in the enterprise. As an extra incentive, we're also offering a chance to win one of two $500 gift cards.


NOTE:  Survey is closed and Linux report is available at:


Thanks again to the organizations that participated.  This gives some great insights into Linux usage within larger size…

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