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One of the big myths is that Internet activity is dominated by younger people. All ages have increased their web usage and its more than just checking the weather. Case in point, mom’s blogging. More U.S. moms are taking to the blogosphere, actively posting their opinions on everything from politics to products. This has a major potential impact on Companies that sell consumer products to ‘boss of the house’. However, the growth rate of blogs is expected to slow as more women communicate via sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Since motherhood has typically taken women out of the workplace and limited their social interactions, what does it mean that mommies everywhere now actually have MORE time to interact with each other than their workplace counterparts? For starters, mommy bloggers now have a much greater influence on each other, most notably (for our purposes) on purchases the mommy set tend to make.

What does that mean for your manufacturing, software or publishing business? It

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