Most online retailers collect a vast amount of information from their customers, but very few of them seem to know what to do with it beyond sending out coupons and newsletters. But ModCloth, which sells women’s clothes in retro vintage styles, has been able to harness the power of their customer data not just to increase sales but also to lowers costs.

The company uses customer feedback and data collected from its website visitors to make more informed purchasing and stocking decisions - thus lowering overhead, over-purchasing and lost revenue due to stock-outs.  It’s also used the information to develop smartphone and tablet apps that appeal more directly to its customers' tastes to drive more traffic and sales.  In fact, mobile devices account for 42% of visits to ModCloth.

ModCloth has also used its data intelligence to make its site more sticky. They have created interactive site features such as:

  • The “Be the Buyer” program invites users to vote for their favorite styles and give detailed feedback on which design elements to incorporate into future products 
  • The “Make the Cut” design program invites users to submit their own designs; winning designs are then produced and sold on the site
  • “Style Gallery” is a social outfit-sharing feature, which invites members to upload photos of outfits they have put together

There's lots of data out there, and ModCloth is a great example about how a little creative thinking can put that data to great use.


If you are a manufacturer or publisher and have more data than you know what to do with, give Yeoman a call. We can help you sort through the data and find ways to use it to engage more effectively with your customers.

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