So the other day I was alerted by a Facebook friend to one of the latest YouTube sensations - a video for a new product called Ultra Ever Dry. You can see the video here:

My first thought was - "Wow! I could put that on my dinner plates and never have to do dishes again!"

My second thought was - "Hey, I bet they were caught by surprise with a viral mega hit on their hands - I wonder how they're doing with their online sales?"

Turns out, not so well.

A quick Google search for Ultra Ever Dry turned up the usual suspects: wildly divergent pricing, a sold out Amazon page, and (worst of all) a single user rating of 1 star. If I were the average consumer, I would probably  assume the whole thing was an over-hyped fake and go on with my life.

It's clear in this case that Ultra Ever Dry hoped for the best (putting out a really cool YouTube video showcasing their product), but didn't actually prepare for the best (nearly 5 MILLION views as of this writing.)

The Ultra Ever Dry launch is a classic example of an organization hyper-focusing on a single channel (in this case, YouTube for promotion) without understanding how YouTube views progress into purchases. And that even for an industrial product like Ultra Ever Dry, where a lot of purchases still happen via traditional (i.e. offline) sales channels, the web will still play a major role in purchase decisions.

So what's a manufacturer to do?

Yeoman understands that the Internet is a multi-channel environment with literally hundreds of thousands of ways to engage with customers and drive online sales. We help companies like Ultra Ever Dry figure out where potential customers are buying products online, and which systems and sites you need to be on to maximize the bump you get from a viral YouTube video.

If you want to find out more, you can read our Internet Sales Channel Review white paper or give us a call - we'd love to chat about your next product launch!

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