Best Practices Tip: The Product Detail Page

The product details page is the most critical component of a website, but is often over looked because of a focus on home pages, blogs, etc. This is the primary action point for almost every desired goal for a brand (buy direct, find a reseller, become a reseller, get a quote) and needs to combine all core content for the user. Product details pages can be broken into two core areas.

This article is part of an ongoin serie pulling data from our "Best Practice for Brands" research.

Above the fold. A whopping 75-85% of users never ‘scroll down’ on an ecommerce site, so all key information must fit in the mobile or laptop window. This includes:

  • Clear title (that includes core details, not just brand name)
  • Mulitple scrollable images
  • Product reviews
  • Price (incuding any discounts)
  • Clear “Add to cart” buttons and “Where to buy” support for resellers
  • Summary description and ‘leading’ content to bring user down page




Below the fold. Once a user has scrolled down you can provide additional details as needed.  This should include:

  • Expanded video
  • Comparison charts
  • Product specifications (if applicable)
  • Samples/examples (if applicable)
  • Cross-sell and upsell items
  • Expanded content
  • Q&A / FAQ
  • Social feeds (including links, etc)


Good use of maximum content above fold:

Good use of images and content below fold:

Good ‘below the fold’ example with samples, exercises, and cross sell:


Brands have a unique challenge with websites. They have to combine sales, operations, marketing, customer service and channel programs into one site. These have to be organized and easy-to-follow for customers as well as partners. Here at Yeoman, we’re rather famous for our website best practices review. 

How are your online product details? As always, feel free to contact us with questions and comments.

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