If you're a small business with a Facebook presence, it pays to keep abreast of what Facebook is up to in the ad department. The social media behemoth  regularly updates its product offering for small businesses. Some recent additions include:

• Graph Search: lets you query Facebook members' opinions on favorite restaurants and local businesses. Facebook says the tool can make it easier for people to discover your Facebook page and learn about your business.

• Promoted posts: Profit from your "likes" by creating ads that appear in the News Feeds of people and friends who have liked them. The cost is based on how many people an advertiser wants to reach, and promoted posts can be targeted via location, age and interests.

• Mobile app install ads: If you have you own app, Facebook offers a paid way to get customers to download the app via an ad that redirects consumers to the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

Not on Facebook? Not sure if you should be? Yeoman helps manufacturers and publishers of all sizes sort out the seven internet channels to develop a top-notch online channel strategy. Contact is to find out what we can do for you.

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