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Master of Science in Business Analytics

3294933489?profile=RESIZE_320x320Business analytics and big data analysis is one of the fastest growing fields in the US.  According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, by 2018, the US could face a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts with the knowledge of how to use the big data to make effective decisions. 

In response, business schools, including Columbia, MIT, NYU and USC, have introduced a Master of Science in Business Analytics. 

Starting salaries for 2013 grads averaged $90,000.

At GM, business analytics professionals “make sense of big data, mine vast quantities of information, and look for trends in customer and dealer behavior,” said Nate Bruin-Slot, a customer-experience manager.  “We find it invaluable to have people who can synthesize data and suggest changes based on those insights," said Melissa Lora, president of Yum Brand’s Taco Bell division.

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3294932867?profile=RESIZE_320x320In the expansive world of Google gadgetry, there’s a new kid on the block. Well, let’s face it- Google has lots of kids on the block, ever-immersed in high tech wizardry of all sorts. This one may prove to be the “It” kid, the Golden Child.  We wait in hopeful anticipation of its success- a cancer detection pill that roams around your body seeking out cancer cells in its earliest stages.

Sound creepy? Hopeful? Exciting? All of the above?

Rumor has it that behind the iron curtain, Google scientists are developing a pill programmed with minute nanoparticles designed to act as antibodies to early stage cancer cells. Once the particles detect the abnormal cells, information within the pill transfers alert data back to a device worn by the patient. The technology also can create cell fluorescence for detection with MRI’s. The pill theoretically could stay inside the body for months, establishing body health baselines by constantly sending data and detecting changes that may be of concern ba

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International Project Management Day


Happy International Project Management Day!

The International Institute for Learning is offering Project Management online keynotes and conferences today (November 6, 2014) and they are available through November 21 (click here for more information or to register).  Dr. Harold Kerzner, Ph.D., MS, MBA and Senior Trainer/Consultant for IIL just spoke with us about the differences between PM 1.0 vs. PM 2.0.  A few highlights include:

  • Project Managers are now engaged at the initiation of the project to be involved in the planning and scope.  PMs are also engaged long after official project closure to measure and ensure business value.
  • Project Managers now manage strategic projects as well as operational projects.
  • The definition of success for projects must include “sustainable business value within the defined competing constraints.”  (Constraints now include more considerations than our standard triangle of time, scope, and budget.)
  • PM 2.0 involves easy access to communication and proje
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When an App Catches Fire

3294933070?profile=originalIf you make a better mousetrap, chances are good that folks will use it to trap mice. But sometimes what you think you're introducing to the market is actually a perfect fit for something you never dreamed of. Take FireChat. It was designed to improve texting between users with bad or non-existent cell phone reception by using your phone's blue-tooth or wi-fi to create an "improvised network among nearby devices without being 'on the grid.' The devices themselves become arrayed in a mesh, each talking to the other and passing along messages — a web, without the World Wide Web." (New York Times, "Hong Kong Protests Propel FireChat Phone-to-Phone App")

The founders called it FireChat because they envisioned folks using it at beach bonfires or at events like Burning Man, where people wanted to text and share pictures in remote areas without good reception. But what spiked downloads recently were the election protests in the heart of the major world city of Hong Kong.

In fear that cell phone

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How do you manage?

3294931909?profile=RESIZE_320x320How do you manage (your projects)?

There are so many project management tools available; we wonder what you've found to work best?  Many of us have tried several options from MSProject, Google Docs, and customized Excel trackers to online platforms like Basecamp, Trello, Podio, and zoho, but how do you determine what's best for your project tasks and resources?

The PM tool of choice really depends on a several things including:

1.  Complexity and length of your project:  If it takes more time to add and manage a task in a platform than it does to complete the task, it may be time to rethink what you're using. 

2.  Resources:  If you're working with a remote team in multiple time zones, you'll likely need a shared tool that's accessible for updating by all.

3.  Reporting requirements:  Depending on the reporting needs of your project stakeholders, you'll want to pick a tool that streamlines standard reporting. 

Project Management is about effective communication, staying organized, cont

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Who Owns The Web? Podcast July 7th

3294932577?profile=RESIZE_320x320 CIO Vs. CMO Vs. CTO: The Steel Cage Match For Your Company’s Digital Soul

Execs are battling to take the lead in digital transformation. Who's really in charge? IT? Sales? Marketing? You’d think this much focus would help us transform. In reality, it introduces organizational, architectural, security, even staffing challenges that can K.O. a digital plan. Join InformationWeek’s Lorna Garey and Mike Healey, president of Yeoman Technology Group, an engineering and research firm focused on maximizing technology investments, to discuss the right way to go digital.

This InformationWeek webinar is on Tuesday, July 8 at 2:00 p.m. EDT (11:00 a.m. PDT) for the interview and online chat. We’ll discuss the proper roles for C-level execs; IT’s place in product development and marketing; and what a modern, digital-ready IT architecture looks like.

Register at:

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With last month’s data breach, eBay suggested that its 145 million users change their passwords.  Heartbleed may have exposed billions of passwords to hackers.  But more than 60% of us will forgo the hassle of changing our password or updating our security settings in our online accounts. 

The password was developed by Fernando Corbató and his fellow researchers at MIT as a way to segment off data that they didn’t need access to.  Now, more than 50 years later, I’m using that simple concept probably 50 times throughout the day as I log into various accounts for work, access online shopping, news, and social sites, or unlock my smart phone.   The Wall Street Journal says, “Despite all their flaws, passwords are so ubiquitous, cheap to use and entrenched in the architecture of websites and the rhythm of human behavior that efforts to supplant them have barely budged.”

How do you manage your online accounts?  When’s the last time you changed your password?  What other concepts from 50 y

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Something Old is New Again

3294932617?profile=RESIZE_320x320Polaroid, the once giant in the camera industry, has reinvented the camera that made the company famous. The new Socialmatic camera looks like a social app icon and is designed so you can take digital photos and instantly share them on your Instagram, Facebook or other social media accounts.

You can also instantly print 2"x3" pictures directly from the camera. Not quite as fun as watching the old Polaroids "develop" before your eyes, but still pretty cool.

The Socialmatic uses ZINK (Zero Ink) paper and printing technology. This paper has special color-forming molecules embedded in it that are then activated by heat to create the color. Since there's no ink or toner involved, the printed pictures are smudge-proof and waterproof.

The Socialmatic is scheduled to be released this fall. It's a fun new take on an old concept. Will it catch on?

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3294932986?profile=RESIZE_320x320Ford doesn't necessarily leap to mind when you mention tech startup dealmakers. So what was Ford's first software technology acquisition in 17 years? It bought Livio, a 15-person company with two early-stage products. So has Ford gone all Google on us and started snatching up startups for speculative technology and a few smart founders?

Read the entire InformationWeek story by Yeoman President Michael Healey here..

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3294933223?profile=RESIZE_320x320Yeoman is pleased to be working on the Linux Foundation's again on their annual research report on enterprise use of Linux. Now in it's fourth year, the survey is a fascinating snapshot of the technology shifts within the enterprise.  Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and the mobile explosion have all dramatically impacted business and Linux has been a the core of these shift. 

What's Linux use within your organization?  Take the survey and let us know.  The survey is open now but closes May 2nd.  The Full research report will be released later in the Spring.


Your responses will be used as part of an upcoming report on Linux trends in the enterprise. As an extra incentive, we're also offering a chance to win one of two $500 gift cards.  Survey open now - ;

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3294932663?profile=originalThe over-saturated land of Facebook looks like it’s beginning to experience a tipping point of sorts. As reported in a comprehensive study by The GlobalWebIndex Q1 2014 study (, online users, particularly teen users, are in a notable decline. Overall usage of the site declined 3% during Q2 of 2013. While Facebook remains the darling of online platforms, attitudes indicate a recoiling against this aging social matriarch (Facebook is a ‘she’ after all, no?).  The study indicates a growing affinity towards fresher social platforms options (Instagram, Reddit for example). Additionally, the pendulum swing seems to point to others who want to pull the digital plug altogether.  Those who yearn for simpler times,  unconnected from ‘likes’ ‘comments’ and ‘shares’, fed up with the exposure and exhaustion of keeping up with the digital Joneses.  If you’re beginning to feel digitally anti-social, there’s a new app in town made just for you.

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3294932914?profile=originalJoin Yeoman's Mike Healey, IBM's Erin Burke and InformationWeek on Friday 3/28 at 1PM for a free webinar on how to rethink your digital presence from a 'users' point of view.

Improved platforms, standards, bandwidth rates and data models mean more IT shops are taking a “cloud-first” approach to new services, keeping only select jobs in house. Cost and ROI models support this stance. But what’s often left out of the calculus is the impact on the end user. Will they be more productive? Will it be easier for them to do their jobs, process data, and share information? This webinar takes a step back and looks at the impact on the employee base. We identify 7 major gaps that most organizations ignore in pursuit of the bigger vision.

Attend this webinar and:

  • Learn how to avoid getting a SaaS project dumped on IT
  • Help finance understand cloud CapEx versus OpEx
  • Identify why a SaaS app is underperforming
  • Avoid the pitfalls of cloud apps growing faster than your IT budget
  • Manage the eventual p
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Google Demotions

Web sites often use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to improve their search results on Google.  Some use paid links on other sites, add fake comments with links to blogs, or insert multiple identical links in content to make their pages look more detailed.  It often works, unless Google notices, then it can demote a website’s visibility.

In January, Google penalized Expedia for posting “unnatural” links on travel blogs and other websites, to lead users to  Searches for travel-related queries were listed an avg. 25% lower in Google’s search results than before.   As a result web traffic for Expedia has shrunk by at least 20%.  According to a report published by online ad network Chitika, < 10% of users click on a link past the 1st page of search results.

CheapOair, and J.C. Penney have also seen their search results decline as a result of Google demotions.

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Digital Strategy Workshop - Interop 2014

3294932248?profile=originalJoin Yeoman's Mike Healey at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas on Tuesday April 1st as he hosts an executive workshop on jumpstarting an organizations digital strategy.

You don't have to be Google, Amazon, or a cool startup to instill digital capabilities into your company. Digital Business isn't about changing code; it's about changing what legacy sales, distribution, customer service, and product groups do in the new digital age. We'll bring case studies from a variety of industries and data from InformationWeek's Digital Business Survey.

The workshop takes place at 2:30PM.  You must be registered at the InformationWeek/Interop event to attend.  More information at:

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Smarter Marketing, or Invasion of Privacy?

Companies are getting smarter about and more targeted in their marketing approaches. As technology develops, they are finding new ways to research consumer behavior, gather data and target their markets. Here are some examples:

LG Smart TVs are sending viewing habits & filenames back to manufacturer. They then analyze user behavior and direct ads to interested consumers. This feature can be disabled, but as one user discovered, that's not exactly the case. 
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Apple iBeacon works in conjunction with the At The Ballpark app to customize your experience depending on where you are in relation to a ballpark stadium. It populates with specific information to the stadium you’re near, provides a map to your seats, highlights and local points of interest and more.
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Tapingo Food Service app lets you pre-order food & pay for it before picking it up. It then gathers data on your buying habits. If you have typical routines (eg Starbucks at 8am on Tuesday), it can prompt you if

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3294931659?profile=RESIZE_320x320How are businesses 'going digital'?  InformationWeek, the leading journal on technology, has released a new enterprise survey.  The survey will help us investigate how thoroughly companies are embracing the changes brought by the web, mobile devices, cloud computing and social networking. The results of this survey will appear in an upcoming issue of InformationWeek as well as in an in-depth InformationWeek report. 

The survey is a core part of the research.   The good news is that it will take under 10 minutes to complete. If you're responses are accepted, you will be eligible to enter a drawing for a 32GB Google Nexus 7 tablet, valued at $269. The full research will be released later this year.

Survey Link:

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3294932649?profile=RESIZE_320x320The impact of the government shutdown has been felt in every corner of the economy, but nowhere is the impact more clear cut than when you look at federal, state, and local bid and RFP activity. (All states and towns rely on some level of federal monies.) 


Yeoman's online bid and RFP research team had been seeing a 12% increase in the number of state and local bids appearing in the different online platforms.  That's the third year in a row of increases.


This growth was confirmed by online bid/supply chain provider Onvia. They reported online bid action had increased YoY from 2012 and that state and local spending for 2013 were estimated to reach USD $3.2 trillion. 


But now that number is not going to happen.  The level of activity has dried up since late summer with online bids and RFP volume down 20%.


This makes the government shutdown especially hard on companies that sell to government and educational buyers, who may already be having a tough time finding relevant bid opportunities

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3294931866?profile=originalA recent study published by GlobalWebIndex captured compelling social media stats for 2013. As our interconnected, sometimes not-so-personal lives become more entwined within the fabric of social media platforms, it is interesting and noteworthy to take a step back and see who is engaging online, where are they are from and what motivates them to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Tweet’ in the first place.

One of the most interesting findings of the survey uncovered that a key demographic is plugged in, logged on and sending their status updates to the world in increasing numbers over  any other group - our parents and grandparents. The survey cites users 55 to 64 have increased their online presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google + by 100% for 2013. Sure, we know that they are increasingly getting their savvy on with tech devices, gadgetry and the online marketplace.  But a 100% increase is intriguing.  I suspect this key demographic will be under the watchful eye of online marketers, searching fo

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Quickoffice Makes for Quick Work

3294931754?profile=originalGoogle recently made its Quickoffice Apps free for anyone to use from their iOS or Android device. What is Quickoffice? Quickoffice allows you to open and edit Microsoft® Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your phone or tablet. So users can view, edit and collaborate on documents from anywhere with anyone. Files are not stored on your device, but on Google Drive, so you can store and share files easily.

What does this mean for business? If you or someone you work with, hasn't started using Google Docs yet, this is a great way to be able to share and collaborate on files without running into conversion issues. And since storage is cloud-based, there's no need to worry about who has the latest version of the file.

If you'd like to read more, check out these articles:,2817,2424620,00.asp

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2013 was a big year for ecommerce as mobile ads got monetized and social commerce took a big hit - both at the hands of the same company (hint: Facebook).

What's on tap for next year? And what should you be doing with your online channel initiatives so that you can hit the ground running on 1/1/14?

Join us for our popular ‘look ahead’ at what will be trending in online sales and distribution next year. We'll talk about such hot topics as:


  • Will tablet growth slow?
  • Will Amazon stumble? 
  • Is B2B ready for a big leap in activity? 
  • Is social commerce finally ready for prime time?
  • Will Google launch direct ecommerce?
  • How many more retailers and traditional sales organizations will fail next year?


Yeoman’s unique ‘no hype’ approach relies on researched trends and facts to help you plan your year. 

October 24th at 10AM EST


NOTE:  The webinar is free, but attendance is limited. The session is designed for original manufacturers and publishers and preference will be given to those clients first.


2014 Online Ecommerce Sales Trends


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