Still confused about the different sales channels online? Dig into our "Internet Sales Channel Review" whitepaper and get schooled. This report is key for any manufacturer or publisher that is reviewing their goto market multi-channel strategy. We explore all seven of the different online channels, outlining their key features, typical customers, and execution challenges. This is a great starting point if you're planning on building or expanding online business or introducing a new product.

And unike most websites, No registration is required. Give it a read, then contact us to take the next step.

One caveat; all material is copyright protected and cannot be reprinted, reposted, or used without our express written permission. Translation; No stealing our ideas without asking nicely.


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Tags: Internet trends, Multi-channel sales, Multi-channel strategy, industrial sales, internet sales overview, state of online sales


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Yeoman focuses on multichannel sales and multichannel marketing programs for Companies of all sizes.

The Internet isn't 'one thing'  It serves as a platform for business, more than just ecommerce, social commerce, or search optimization.  Call it multi-channel, splinternet, or just a big mess.  We help you figure out the puzzle. 

Our services include channel development, technology assessment, competitor analysis, data quality programs, and web operations development and management
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